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How do I become a Volunteer In Public Schools (VIPS)?

  • Persons wishing to volunteer can contact their school site to let them know they are interested in volunteering and the school site VIPS Coordinator can share the link to the online VIPS Application.
  • The link for the online VIPS Application ca also be found on the LBUSD web page under V - VIPS.
  • Each person wishing to serve as a NEW volunteer is asked to complete the online application form and/or when the volunteer's TB test has expired.

I have been a volunteer in the past, do I need to fill out a new online application?

  • A new online application will be requested for the following reasons:
  • First time VIPS in LBUSD
  • Expired TB test (expires every 4 years)
  • Volunteering at more than one school after January 2022

Will I have to provide any documentation when filling out the new online VIPS application?

The following documentation is required when applying to volunteer and must be uploaded online with the application to be processed:

Copy of TB clearance (per state law) - Each application should be in good health and must obtain a tuberculosis clearance or an Adult Tuberculosis Risk Assessment Questionnaire and upload it to the online application.

Copy of valid CA photo ID - A copy of a valid, unexpired photo identification which includes name, and current address must be uploaded with the application (i.e. Driver's license, California ID, passport, Military ID, International ID, etc.).

Pre-School Volunteers: Senate Bill 792-California Daycare Immunization Requirements for Adults: all volunteers working with preschool aged children must have proof of measles, pertussis and influenza* vaccinations, and must provide a health screening affidavit signed by a healthcare provider. *The influenza vaccine may be waived on an annual basis.

Fingerprinting will be required for VIPS Coaches, Interns, and Special Programs only. All volunteers who will provide services to the district and have direct interaction with students without the direct supervision of a credentialed employee MUST be fingerprinted.

How long will it take to process my application?

  • Processing of a VIPS application can take a minimum of two weeks due to fingerprinting (DOJ and FBI requirement for some volunteer programs), and Megan's Law clearance (this requirement is necessary to ensure the welfare and safety of our students).

How will I be notified once my application is cleared?

  • The VIPS district office sends notices directly to the school site VIPS Coordinator to notify of processed and cleared VIPS applications. The school site will notify the volunteers once their application has been processed by the district office.
    • Upon Receipt of verification of a completed application, the school site VIPS Coordinator will contact the new volunteer and present their VIPS badge. This signals they may commence volunteering at the assigned school.

Are there COVID-19 vaccination, testing, and safety measures in place for VIPS?

Please note, effective Monday, September 19, 2022, unvaccinated VIPS and visitors will no longer be required to participate in weekly at-home screening/testing.

For additional questions about the VIPS process, please contact Madison Elementary at 562-420-7731. If you have other questions, concerns, complaints or to check the status of your application, please email